Life Itself

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[Inspired by the movie Life Itself]

While flying from Zurich - Bangkok en route to Indonesia I was watching the film “Life Itself”. At first I truly did not like the concept of this film; it was all over the place and I was having trouble understanding the message of the film.

Just South of India, as the film neared its end tears were streaming down my face. You don’t always recognize the people in your life and what you have been through and then you have these moments where it just hits you like a ton of bricks. When you think about our lives and the stories we shape with every action or event that occurs. No matter the severity of the event, we are changed. But remember, to stand back up, take the story a little bit farther, and if we go far enough, there is love.

I re-watched the ending of this film probably ten times and frantically wrote down the words that hit me so hard, so that I could later share it with all of you.

Life itself is our most unreliable narrator, nobody knows where the story is going or who the heroes are going to be. 

You have many ups and downs in your life, and you will have more. This is life and this is what it does, life brings you to your knees, it brings you lower than you think you can go. But if you stand back up and move forward, if you go just a little further. You will always find love. I found love in you, in my love my story will continue after I am gone, because you are my story. You are our story. 

Go now, give me a beautiful life, the most beautiful life ever. And if life brings us to our knees, you stand us back up, you get up and go farther and find us the love. 

 I'm not sure who's story I have been telling. I'm not sure if it's mine.

At any moment life will surprise me

It will bring me to my knees

When it does I will remind myself

I am my father

I am my father's father

I am my mother

I am my mother's mother

And while it may be easy to wallow in the tragedies that shape our lives. 

And while it's natural to focus on those unspeakable moments that bring us to our knees

Get up.

Take the story a little bit farther.

If we go far enough.

There is love. 

We write our story everyday in the actions we take, the events we go through, and the people we come in contact with. Everyone’s story is unique and we are not the same. But, regardless of what is happening to you in your life remember… Get up. Take the story a little bit farther. If we go far enough. There is love. 

Because in the end, all you need is love.

I highly recommend you take the time to take in each sentiment that is expressed and I highly recommend you see the film and do your best to stay connected until the end.



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