Castle 🏰 Shoot Turned Rescue

It all started innocent enough while we were shooting some footage of one of our families home prior to it being sold.  This home is a very special place for our family and was where I met my wife and where we would later be married.  Little did I know we were due to make one more memory before we left that day. 


While we were climbing the tower where we had taken so many pictures before my son ran down from the stairs screaming there was a cat and ran frantically down the stairs to alert his Papi (Grandfather) about the urgent cat issue.  My daughter and I continued climbing to the top of the tower and looked through the window to find a tiny kitten nestled inside an old outdoor furniture cushion.  My daughter and I admired the kitten through the open window in the door, I took a few pictures and we continued on our way.

It wasn't until later when I showed my wife the picture of the small kitten and told her the story about how we had come across it that I had even realized that this kitten may need help.  She immediately told me to go back and see if it was still there and if there was no sign of the mother to rescue the kitten and bring it home.  Juan and I were on our way shortly after, climbed the tower stairs, and low and behold the kitten was still sitting in the same spot.  When we opened the door and walked in the kitten jumped from it's perch and down below the cushions.  Juan slowly lifted the cushion and below 4 kittens were laying below.  He slowly and gently picked up each kitten and placed them in a carrier we had brought.  It had started out as a rescue mission for one kitten but, we left the tower that night with 4.


Fast forward 1 week and we were able to find homes for the 3 kittens and my family now has a new kitten properly named Fiona since she was rescued from a tower just like Fiona in Shrek. 

You never know what is around the corner, but it is important to take the next steps to find out what lays ahead for you.



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