The Climb to Snow Lake

Whenever I travel somewhere new I am always looking for somewhere amazing to discover and film.  While in Washington last summer I wanted to find a place that emulated how I imagined a place called North Forest would look like.  While it may not have been called North Forest, Snow Lake was everything I imagined it would be.


The Hike

I absolutely love an adventure, and sometimes I push forward without completely being prepared for what may lay ahead.  I hit the trails headed for Snow Lake in my converse with my camera, monopod, drone, and 3 cans of seltzer water.  I know what you are probably thinking, and I was definitely underprepared for the hike ahead.


Halfway up the mountain I came across some hikers that were on there way down and asked them how much longer until I would reach the top, I was surprised to hear that I was still almost 2 hours from the top.  The frustration was overcoming, but at this point, there was no turning back!  I continued onward and upward but at a much faster pace as I was determined to reach the top.  As my climb continued it is amazing the thoughts that ran through my head; from what I would do if a mountain lion or bear came along, to what if Snow Lake wasn't as beautiful as I had imagined.  These thoughts while very negative did not deter me from my goal, but when I went for one of my waters and realized it had exploded in my bag and I only had two cans of water left and a long way to go I started getting nervous.  I decided to re-arrange my backpack so the two remaining cans of water would hopefully not end up as a drip from the bottom of my bag.

Its funny, when you really have no idea where you are going and at every turn you think you are getting closer to your destination, only to find another turn ahead, then another, and another... That is until you finally realize this has to be the final turn.


Snow Lake

My first view of Snow Lake did not disappoint and suddenly the fear and stress from the hike turned into relief.  The view was stunning with beautiful pine trees masking a view of this huge blue lake at the top of a mountain.  The image is still stuck in my head and is exactly what I imagined when I thought of North Forest. 

My awe quickly turned into a relaxed panic as I realized I did not have a lot of time to film this beautiful place before I had to start back down the mountain to get back before sunset.  I quickly found a spot that I thought would be suitable for me to get my DJI Mavic Drone airborne and setup for a stunning shot.  Once airborne I was able to fly between to full pine trees into the open air and over Snow Lake.  The result can be seen in our short on Snow Lake...


  • Think ahead, but not too much.
  • Prepare yourself, but push forward into the unknown.
  • The best adventures are full of fear & excitement.
  • Always learn new things and try and be as knowledgeable about what you may encounter in life, especially in the wild.
  • Don't wear Converse on a hike up a mountain & pack regular water and lots of it!
Dan Stroehlein