A New Chapter in Our Story - Short Films

It has always been our goal to capture the experiences and moments we experience in life through film.  The fact that through these images we can take someone where they may have never been before or very well may never physically ever be and share the experience with them.  Traveling and being among different cultures and people has always been important to us, and we hope the moments we capture inspire you to do the same.

Through video, we have the ability to influence and move people in ways more than words and still images can do.  There are times when compiling a video you may not have all of the shots that are needed to complete your film and we believe we must work together to make great films.  Today, we are putting our short films out there so we can be a part of your story and possibly help you inspire others.  Our short films will be available for a small fee for use in your films.  Please take a look, explore, and hopefully become inspired.

If there are any short films you would like to see in the future we would welcome your input as we love to collaborate!