Nest in the Village - Love Your Melon Shoot

If you didn't already know Love Your Melon is a brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer.  They also donate 50% of their profit to help support non profit organizations who lead the fight against Pediatric Cancer.

 Nest in the Village has been carrying these awesome hats since the fall.  This month we are running a social media promotion for Nest and will be giving one of these great hats away.  We figured the best way to promote these hats was to do a photoshoot to show how stylish and comfortable these hats truly are.

The Photoshoot:  

We were lucky to have Abbey as the model for this shoot.  We started by having her makeup done by Brynn, a hairstylist & makeup artist at Shear Passion Hair Salon in the Village of Williamsville. 


As true to form it was a very cold Buffalo January day.  The backdrop for the shoot was a house amongst the woods, blurred in the background.. Abbey was a natural and almost made our job to easy, and the contest is on at the Nest.  Take a look at the final picture and like and follow the Nest in the Village for your chance to win.