Pedro & April


Cooke's Creekview Bed & Breakfast - September 24, 2017

As soon as we met Pedro & April we knew it was going to be an amazing shoot, but we never thought it would end how it did.

It was a beautiful, hot September afternoon in Newfane, NY.  We started the shoot with Pedro & April with them reading each other their letters under the very spot they would be married.  During this moment it was as if the world around them had melted away, and all was left was the two of them under the arbor.  

The property has a beautiful overlook of 18-mile creek and a path through the woods down to a dock on the creek.  While shooting on the dock a car pulled up to the adjacent bridge, and the man got out and jumped into the water.  Our alarm turned into relief and shock when the man began to swim towards the dock.  Shortly before he arrived at the dock a dog appeared from down the path.  Once he came out of the water we chatted a bit and played with the dog and then continued our shoot, that is until April had a brilliant idea.


No!  She did not suggest they too jump off the bridge, but rather jump into the creek.  Needless to say, Pedro was not into this plan at all, but with some coaxing from his future bride, he agreed to go in up to his knees.  April slowly led Pedro into the water and just when Pedro was just about to exceed his comfort level she turned and with the full force of both hands splashed Pedro and began a water fight.  Water was flying, we all burst into laughter, and Pedro and April were having an amazing time.  We had an absolutely amazing time capturing the love and excitement between Pedro and April.

They will be married at Cooke's Creekview Bed & Breakfast in October.  Their wedding vows will be exchanged underneath beautiful intertwined trees forming an archway, right on the edge of the woods.  Their reception will be steps away on the same property within the big red barn, and adjacent tent.