Maru Films - Wedding Cinematography Workshop

june 2017 - amsterdam, netherlands

There comes a point in your business venture where you realize you have to take the next step.  The fear of the unknown usually causes  some anxiety and often you will question your decision at every turn.  But fear not, there is a reason you are at this point and it is certainly not by chance.

Recently, I decided that it was time for us to take our videography to the next level.  While I know this is the right decision to continue to make the best videos for our clients, there is certainly a considerable undertaking involved.  My mind continuously tries to come up with all the reasons this isn't the right time.  But the uncertainty of the unknown is what makes building a business so exciting.

With that being said I am excited to announce we will be adding "Event Cinematograpghy" to our list of services and plan to be ready for bookings starting this Fall.  It is so important to me that we are providing the best service & product available to our clients, which is why we decided to learn from the best.  In just a week's time we will be heading to the Maru Films Mid Season workshop, in Amsterdam.  During the workshop we will learn from the best in the business and collaborate with 10 other cinematograpghy professionals.  Take a look at how the team at Maru Films were able to capture the beauty of this Icelandic wedding...

We are very excited to continue to build our skills so we can deliver cutting edge, inspiring pieces that showcase a business or an event in a way that no one thought possible.  We are looking forward to our new adventure and the experiences that will follow.

Follow along with us as we travel to Amsterdam to learn from the professionals at Maru Films.